Business Model
Strategy: One Body with Two Wings
The group develops its projects with “One-body-with –two-wings” unique and replicable business model, provides the suppliers, manufactures, distributors, as well as buyers with a quality one-stop logistic and trading platform complemented with comprehensive ancillary services, enhancing cost effectiveness.

One Body: large integrated logistics and trade center
Two Wings: commercial ancillary and residential services
This business model originated from our Shenzhen project and is now replicated to our projects in Nanchang, Nanning, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Harbin, Hefei and Chongqing.

Operations on Projects: Five Pillars of Ancillary Services
While further building upon its “One-body-with-two-wings” business model to serve the economic and industrial needs of the regions in which it operates, the Group enhances its five pillars of ancillary services with the valuable experience gained from CSC Shenzhen.

Outlet Operation and Management
As a part of the five core service pillars, the outlet team is committed to offering value-for-money branded goods to end-users and to boosting overall traffic flow. CSC Shenzhen opened its first outlet center in April 2011 mainly featuring global sportswear and outdoor brands initially, but it now accommodates brands of sportswear, casual wear, outdoor wear, men’s and women’s fashion. There are close to 170 international brands such as Levis, Chevignon, Columbia, Samsonite, Nike, Adidas, etc. Building on the successful launch of the outlet center at CSC Shenzhen, the Group continues to expand and replicate this further into its other projects.

E-commerce Platforms
The Group’s online platforms primarily aim to provide its trade center shops with the combined advantages of physical stores and virtual shops for both B2B and B2C trading. In a bid to enhance the scope of the Group’s e-commerce services, an e-commerce park with a total GFA of 65,000 sq.m. has been established at the CSC Shenzhen phase II trade center and has been appointed as a “Model Unit of E-commerce” by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen. CSC Shenzhen and the tenants of the park can benefit from the supporting policies introduced by the local government.

One-stop logistics services
A subsidiary dedicated in logistics services is in charge of warehousing and logistics services of the Group. Currently, it runs warehousing and freight forwarding in CSC Shenzhen. It also provides warehousing management service and arranges on-site third party delivery and distribution services. With the development of our projects and the growing demand from our customers, our logistics services will be extended with a broadened service range, including scaled-up warehousing and management as well as freight forwarding markets, together with exchange centers with nationwide freight and logistics network, in a bid to provide our customers with one-stop logistics services on warehousing, transportation and distribution.

Property Management
With an aim of ensuring project safety and sustainability, the Group has established project management teams to be stationed at the projects when construction commences so as to provide professional advice and to take into account the sustainability and specific needs at each project in order to ensure its smooth operation. In addition, the Group has entered into management agreement with its trade center shops owners and tenants for property management service. This will allow a better management and service on each of our projects, and in turn become a source of income to the Group. The Group endeavors to differentiate its projects from old wholesale markets by stepping up efforts to strengthen fire prevention standards, security, maintenance services as well as the management of transportation and parking lots at each of its project sites.

Convention and Exhibition Services
Through its non-stop exhibition platform aimed at promoting trade and through joint efforts with local governments to attract international and regional exhibitors and to draw traffic and business flow to its trade centers, the Group continued to organize signature regional exhibitions and conventions. In addition, to promote the businesses of its trade center merchants while seeking to expand its business outreach, the Group has a team specified in convention and exhibition services formed to actively take part in trade fairs across the country.
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