China South City Nanchang

China South City Nanchang (“CSC Nanchang”) is located at the transportation hub for the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. Situated in Honggutan New District of Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, the project is readily accessible to suppliers, manufacturers and merchants via major highways, the largest port on the Gan River and a complete freight network which includes a cargo marshal yard, a container terminus and an international airport, coupled with Nanchang West Railway Station – a principal high-speed rail station located just 1.2 km from CSC Nanchang and commenced operation successively since September 2013. As a new business center of Nanchang, Honggutan New District’s administrative, commercial and cultural functions are becoming more apparent by the day. In addition, the gradual completion of life-supporting amenities within the new district is driving visitor traffic and generating business opportunities, laying a solid foundation for the development of CSC Nanchang.

CSC Nanchang has a total planned land area of approximately 2.81 million sq. m. and a total planned GFA of approximately 7.30 million sq. m.. The trial operations of CSC Nanchang cover industries such as small commodities, textile & clothing, leather & accessories, healthy & green products and outlets, etc. As the first provincial-level E-commerce Model Base in Jiangxi and University Students’ E-commerce Business Incubator in Nanchang, CSC Nanchang has successfully attracted numerous E-commerce enterprises to move in since its establishment in 2014 and co-operated with tertiary institutes. Through a profound integration of its resources in wholesale and E-commerce, it has created a closer co-operation between the E-commerce startups and manufacturing enterprises, thereby helping SMEs within the project to transform and upgrade.

As at 31 March 2016, CSC Nanchang has a total GFA of approximately 1.53 million sq. m. at phase I completed, including approximately 900,600 sq. m. of trade centers, approximately 585,800 sq. m. of residential ancillaries and approximately 44,500 sq. m. of logistics and warehousing facilities. Construction of phase II of CSC Nanchang has commenced. 

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