China South City Zhengzhou

China South City Zhengzhou (“CSC Zhengzhou”) is located at AEZ of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. This experimental zone is the only state-level AEZ with a complete network which includes airport, high-speed train, intercity train, metro and highway and acts as an integrated transport hub providing seamless connectivity of “railway, highway and airport”. The project is highly accessible and enjoys extensive transportation links – it is a mere 16 km away from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and only a couple of kilometers away from the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Freight Station and the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Highway. According to Zhengzhou Metro Planning, the south extension of subway line 2, which commenced construction in 2014 and is expected to start trial operation in 2016, will pass through CSC Zhengzhou. Upon completion, this subway line will generate more business opportunities and visitor traffic for the project.

CSC Zhengzhou has a total planned net land area of approximately 7.0 million sq. m. and a total planned GFA of approximately 12.0 million sq. m.. The project has received overwhelming support from the local government since its establishment. With more occupants moving in, the Group’s online membership program, its E-commerce project in trial operation, also gained increasing popularity among SMEs. In response to SMEs’ operational demand, the Group continued to reinforce the construction of logistics and warehousing facilities. Of which, its LIEP, which helps cargo owners match their freight plans more effectively by utilizing otherwise empty truckloads of HGVs on their return journeys, will be put into trial operation in the second half of FY2016/17. In addition, outlet mall in CSC Zhengzhou will also commence operation in the second half of FY2016/17 and is expected to enrich the business diversity of the project by then. The trial operations of CSC Zhengzhou cover industries such as building materials, small commodities, hardware & machinery, automobile & parts, and non-staple food, etc.

As at 31 March 2016, CSC Zhengzhou is currently under phase I development and has a total GFA of approximately 2.50 million sq. m. completed, including approximately 2.30 million sq. m. of trade centers, approximately 183,900 sq. m. of logistics and warehousing facilities and approximately 19,000 sq. m. of ancillary facilities. 

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